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Bleach Services Mumbai

When it comes to knowing how to bleach your skin, it’s a matter of selecting the right product for your needs, and importantly, being completely aware of the ingredients used in any product that you are considering.

If you have concerns about bleaching your skin, or using skin lightening treatments to help improve the tone of your skin, remove age spots, sun spots, and other blemishes speak with our staff to determine the best course of action for you.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching is a method of hair removal by which hair is lightened with the help of chemical products. Bleaching is a very fast & effective alternative way to get that clean & hair free look.

Bleaching body and facial hair does not take the hair away, but can make it appear less noticeable because it lightens the colour of hair to a light shade of blonde by removing the pigment (colour) of the hair. The results last for up to 6 weeks. While similar ingredients (like hydrogen peroxide) are used for bleaching hair on the head, the specific formulation used on the face and body is gentler.

Bleaching is best used on hairs that are dark and fine. Hairs that are thick and long are not suitable for bleaching because they look all the more prominent after bleaching.

Bleaches of various strengths from ‘mild’ to ‘strong’ are available to lighten various qualities of hairs on different body and face areas.

Bleaching is most commonly performed on facial hair. Dark facial hairs are conspicuous, and can be quite worrisome. Bleaching is a good option for lightening facial hairs so that they are not prominent and need not be removed. Most commonly bleached areas on the face include upper lips, chin, lower lips and sideburns.


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