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Women Hair Blowout

Hair Blowout Styles Mumbai

If you’ve never heard of a blowout before, you may have been living under a rock! When it comes to hot hair, a blow out by far; is one of the most popular requests of those who enter a beauty salon. While you may have heard of it, you may not know what exactly it entails.

Read on to learn about some blowout styles to determine if you think you’d like to try one and to know exactly what you’ll get from your favourite stylist at Ashraf Scissor Hands Salon.

Blowout Style Process

Once you express interest in a blowout, a hair pro will wash your hair with a very light weight but luxurious shampoo and conditioner. You never want to attempt to get a blow out if your hair is weighed down, dirty, or has a heavy styling product build up. It will defeat the whole point and purpose of this voluminous signature style.

Next, our hair stylist in our salon will gently comb through a heat protectant to not only eliminate tangles or knots; but to ensure that your strands are fully protected from heated styling tools, like a hairdryer; which is an essential styling element of the look. A heat protectant will also preserve your hair’s color longer and prevent future damage and breakage.

Then, our hair stylist will do a quick consult to determine your hair type. You may have thin hair, thick hair, wavy hair, or naturally straight hair. Whatever hair type you have, you need a specific styling product that will address your hair’s needs. Most clients need an extra boost and a voluminous mousse is applied to give you plenty of lift and life at your roots.

Your hair will then be sectioned off into six sections using a clip. Three sections will be tied up in the front, while three sections will be tied up on the back. Blow drying your hair will be much easier if the majority of your hair is out of the way, and our stylist can really focus on each section individually.

A large, round brush will be used to blow dry your hair in a forward direction as it gets gently wrapped around the barrel of the brush. The hair dryer will blast hot air on each section and a nozzle attachment will be used to really hone in on each strand in each section. As soon as your section is dry, our stylist will wrap it around their finger and set it with a metal clip to cool. They will repeat this process with each section of hair.

Finally, they will mist each section with a firm hold hairspray that is non-sticky and will prevent any frizz or fly away pieces as you tilt your head back and they release each section; running their fingers through your tousled tresses. Your hair will get an additional spritz of spray and some finishing shine spray will also be applied to give your locks a seductive, glossy, glow.

Everyone loves the look of a blowout. It lasts for days and works well for all hair types. Decide if you’re ready to be “blown” away by this highly coveted look and discuss it with our hair stylist at one of our Hair Salon in Mumbai.


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