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Women Hair Highlights

Women Hair Highlights Mumbai

Getting highlights put in your hair often seems like a minor thing, but when done properly, it can really make a huge difference in your overall look. Highlights help to draw attention to your hair in a very positive way. The lighter areas of the hair help to add depth and vibrancy to any color hair. Here at Ashraf Scissor Hands Salon, we have been adding highlights to people’s hair for many years.

No matter how light or dark your natural hair is, we can help really make it pop out with great highlights. Of course, when putting in highlights, we also add in what are commonly called ‘lowlights.’ Essentially this means that you’ll have a variety of different shades to your highlights, to give it a slightly more natural look. This variety in your hair also helps to compliment your facial features and add to the overall beauty of any client.

Types of Hair Highlights at Ashraf Scissor Hands

Depending on the specific needs of each client, we can provide you with three different types of hair highlights. We use the balayage, foil and partial highlights methods so we can ensure you are getting the exact look you desire. Each of these methods will provide you with slightly different results, and knowing which one to choose is very important.

Our experts hair stylists can suggest which one they feel will look the best for your particular situation. Choosing the right type of highlights is important, so make sure to ask our experts if you have any questions. They can explain what look you can expect to get with each of these three options. Of course, they all provide high quality results that you’ll absolutely love.

Hair Highlights Are for Everyone

Highlights are a very popular hair styling tool for all types of clients. They are very popular with women, but men are also getting highlights at a much higher rate than ever before. This is because the highlights are able to give each person a unique look. Highlights don’t really change the overall look of the person, but just bring out the best features in each. Whether you’re going for full highlights all through your hair, or you just want to ‘frost’ the tips, this is an excellent option.

As one of the most popular hair salon in mumbai, we have been helping people with their highlights for many years. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you would like some advice, our hair stylists are happy to help you with every aspect of getting highlights for your hair.


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